Connect the Dots: Record continuous glucose data for diabetes, obesity, and metabolism research - no more data gaps!

14 Mar 2019

No More Data Gaps

Glucose telemetry data can be recorded, calibrated, and analyzed in real time, and uninterrupted for long-term experiments, using LabChart 8.

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Continuous, high-resolution telemetry data from freely moving animals can be collected, calibrated, and plotted in LabChart using the HD-XG Glucose Implant and LabChart's Glucose Calibration Extension.


Four important reasons to use Continuous Glucose Telemetry

The existing method of using glucose test strips to measure blood glucose is labor intensive, stressful on animals and produces intermittent data. 

Developed in partnership with DSI (Data Sciences International), LabChart's Glucose Calibration Extension calibrates LabChart with DSI's HD-XG Glucose Implants, allowing blood glucose, temperature, and activity data to stream continuously from freely moving mice and rats into LabChart. 

This solution detects second-to-second changes in blood glucose, eliminating data gaps and ensuring that you don’t miss significant events. Data streams directly from the glucose implants to LabChart, eradicating the need for blood draws. Your data is high-quality, continuous and unimpeded by stress artifacts so you can make fully informed decisions from a complete and accurate data set.

Using the HD-XG implants with LabChart also allows you to simultaneously measure temperature and activity, and allows for more sophisticated experiment design, observation of disease development over long periods (28 days or more) with significantly less stress to animals, and lower researcher workloads.

This solution signifies a huge leap forward in the current glucose monitoring technology by:
·          Removing gaps in your data
·          Saving on costs of materials and animals
·          Reducing manual labor
·          Eradicating stress artifacts
·          Integrating all of your research signals within one system

The Biopotential and Glucose Telemetry Foundation System
This foundation system is ideal for researchers in the fields of Diabetes & Obesity, Endocrinology & Metabolism, and Sports & Exercise. Choose the HD-XG glucose implant to use with the system and you will have everything you need to collect, calibrate, and plot continuous, high resolution telemetry data from freely moving animals.

LabChart 8 For high-quality data analysis, LabChart provides the perfect balance of ease of use, flexibility, and power. Acquire signals from multiple sources simultaneously and apply advanced calculations as your experiment unfolds. Calibration and drift are also taken care of with the help of LabChart’s Glucose Calibration Extension.

Connect the dots and see the full picture with the HD-XG glucose implant, LabChart andthe Glucose Calibration Extension.

Contact us to discuss your specific research application and the significant benefits this system can have for your glucose research and workflow.