De-clutter your lab: Introducing our new education hardware kits!

Mess. It’s the last thing you need in a busy lab, right?

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new education hardware kits!

Created with focus and flexibility in mind, our new kits have been designed to align with the latest Lt and Lt LabStation lessons and content, ensuring that you have everything you need for your teaching labs, and nothing you don’t. Bye bye clutter!

We have seven new education hardware kits to choose from:

Choosing the right kit for your specific needs is easy, using our Lab Builder:

Select your teaching area
Select a software platform
Select the lessons you’d like to include

→ Voila! See which PowerLab and hardware kit is recommended for you!

Our most popular education hardware kits:

Human Physiology Kit

This kit allows students to investigate and record a number of laboratory lessons on humans subjects.

Human Physiology Kit

Animal Physiology Kit

This kit is ideal for conducting teaching experiments using isolated animal nerve, skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle preparations.

Animal Physiology Kit


Not sure what equipment you need?

Our Lab Builder is an easy tool that recommends equipment. Just choose what you want to teach!

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