LabChart Tips: Send and Publish

21 Dec 2016

Tools for connection and collaboration

LabChart's Send and Publish functions are powerful and unique features that encourage discussion  and collaboration. They connect you with your data whenever and wherever you need it, and with whoever might need it.

To understand more about how you might use these functions, consider these two examples:


You are a student using LabChart in a class. You've recorded some data and would like to view it from home.

Click the Share icon on the toolbar and select Send (or choose File > Send from the LabChart menu). This uploads your file to our server and gives you a link that can be emailed or shared via websites or social media. 

You can also enter your email address to have it emailed directly to you. When you get home, simply click the link to see your data from a web browser.

You can download the file to view with LabChart reader (free) or a full copy of LabChart (via a Student license). Easy!!

WIth the Send feature your data is available to view for 30 days.


You are a researcher and would like to get an opinion on your data from a colleague. 

To share your data, click the Share icon and select Publish  (or go to File > Publish). The first time you Publish a file you will be asked to Create an account - a straight-forward  and secure process:

Now your data can be uploaded giving you a link to share with your colleague. They are able to view your data by following the link, and can download your file to view with either LabChart or LabChart reader. Your Published data is available permanently, or until you choose to remove it. A bonus with Publish is that you can embed the web panel containing your data into another web page - for instance, a journal article, departmental website, or online teaching resource (like Blackboard or Moodle).


Click here to try a published file for yourself

Do you use Send and Publish already? We'd love you to tell us about the interesting and useful ways you use these features!


Note: Send and Publish are available in LabChart 8 and require and internet connection. 


Find out more about LabChart Online.

Current LabChart users can register for LabChart Online here: https://www.adinstruments.com/products/labchart/register-labchart-online

By Sina Walker

Scientific Writer