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As all chemistry educators know, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

That’s why ADInstruments has partnered with Vernier to bring you a complete set of online chemistry lessons for your general chemistry course!

Whether you plan to meet face-to-face in the classroom this semester or need the flexibility to complete labs remotely, the online chemistry labs in the Lt Chemistry collection have you covered.

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Lt Vernier Lt Chemistry Lessons

The collection consists of 19 hands-on chemistry labs that promote key scientific skills outlined by the American Chemical Society (including problem solving, chemical safety, and communication), develop students’ ability to perform practical lab techniques, and engage learners with the possibilities of chemistry.

Chemistry is all around

Each lab begins with an everyday example, modern application, or historical vignette to highlight the relevance of chemistry to our daily lives. Why do your car tires go flat in the winter? Look no further than Charles’ law. What do electrostatic forces have to do with the beer-brewing process? How did ancient cultures’ consumption of willow leaf tea during childbirth influence the synthesis of modern-day pain relievers?

Right off the bat, our online chemistry lessons provide students with concrete examples of how core chemistry topics relate to their world. Research shows that linking abstract concepts to everyday examples helps improve both recall and retention1, and from personal experience, can also increase engagement and motivation. In each virtual chemistry lab, written information is complemented by high-quality diagrams and illustrations. This multi-modal “dual-coding” approach is also known to help boost learning and memory of complex topics1.

Engage students in and out of the lab with online chemistry lessons

All 19 chemsitry lessons engage students in hands-on activities, with 17 using Vernier’s Go Direct® sensors to support real-time data acquisition. However, if face-to-face sessions aren’t possible that week (or month, or year), we provide a complete set of distance learning labs that are designed for remote use and come equipped with example data for all activities. So no matter the situation, all learners can still familiarize themselves with experimental procedures, analyze and interpret real data, and improve their scientific writing and communication skills by completing built-in lab reports.

Engage students in chemistry labs

Focus on understanding and building skills

In a reflective article about teaching chemistry through the Covid-19 pandemic, Pilkington and Hanif (2021) noted that, even in the absence of hands-on data collection, the act of data analysis and interpretation still challenges and builds the critical thinking and problem solving skills we want to instill in our students2. The authors also adjusted their focus to test students for understanding, rather than their ability to recall facts2. Our online chemistry lessons reflect this pedagogical shift through a variety of interactive questions that target lower to higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. This approach provides diverse and rigorous assessment that encompasses more complex skills beyond rote learning. Additionally, all questions contain thorough, built-in feedback to support learners through the lesson (whether they are completing it in the lab or from afar). Lt also supports spaced learning study techniques, as your students can log in and review their work, and this written feedback, at any time.

  • Charles' Law | Chemistry Collection | Lt
  • Calculate purity of aspirin | Chemistry Collection | Lt
  • States of matter | Chemistry Collection | Lt
  • Electrostatic forces | Chemistry Collection | Lt
  • Exothermic reactions | Chemistry Collection | Lt
  • Molecule surface area | Chemistry Collection | Lt
  • Real world examples | Chemistry Collection | Lt

Customize for your classroom

While our virtual chemistry labs are built to be used out-of-the box to save you time, Lt’s suite of intuitive authoring tools gives you the flexibility and freedom to customize any part of the lesson to fit your needs and teaching style.

We hope this introduction to the chemistry lessons in Lt makes you feel in your element! We’d love to hear your reaction.

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Increase student engagement and learning with real-life applications of chemistry, high quality illustrations, and hands-on data collection and analysis.

Modernize your classroom with our sleek, intuitive learning platform and Vernier’s robust, reliable hardware.

Save time by using our complete, ready-to-use general chemistry curriculum aligned with ACS guidelines.

Customize and edit the content to meet your needs!

Go at your own pace: Students can log in to Lt and access their labs and question feedback at any time to suit their schedule and study preferences.



1 Weinstein, Y., Madan, C.R. & Sumeracki, M.A. (2018) Teaching the science of learning. Cognitive Research: Principles and Applications. 3, 2.

2 Pilkington LI, Hanif M. (2021) An account of strategies and innovations for teaching chemistry during the COVID‐19 pandemic. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. 49, 320–322.

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