Introducing the New Lt Scheduling Interface!

Use your time for teaching, not admin!

Our new scheduling interface will save you time and effort. By using the interface, you can view all of your published lessons and modules in one place, and easily set their availability.

What's new?

The button for the new schedule interface, showing a blue "Beta" tag.

We have significantly streamlined how you can make content available to your students in Lt.

With the new interface, you can now:

  • View all of your published lessons and modules in one place, organized by module.

A screenshot of the Schedule interface in Lt, showing two modules. The first module is expanded to show the associated lessons.

  • Use the Available Now toggle to make content available to students. The toggle will go from gray to green to show that the content is available.
    • If you turn the toggle on at the lesson level, the lesson is made available to all students.
    • If you turn the toggle on at the section level, the content is only made available to students in that section.

A screenshot showing the sections associated with a lesson in the Schedule interface. The toggles next to different sections are either green or grey, indicating whether the lesson is available to specific sections.

  • Easily make content unavailable using the toggle.

A .gif showing how a user can select the toggle to make content unavailable to students.

  • Immediately see the sections for which content is available.
  • Set exact availability and commit dates using the Date/Time Picker.

A .gif showing how a user can set availability and the commit date using the Date/Time Picker.

  • If you wish to apply the same availability rules to all lessons and sections within a module, you can use the checkbox to do so.

A .gif showing how a user can set availability for an entire module's lessons and sections using the checkbox.

Where can I find the new interface?

Because Lt is a cloud-based platform, it automatically updates with any new features or improvements. This means the new interface will be live and ready to use next time you log into Lt as an administrator. 

Look for the "Schedule" tab (with a blue "Beta" tag) in the navigation header.

A screenshot of the Lt homepage, showing the new "Schedule" tab in the navigation header. There is a blue "Beta" tag next to the tab.

What will happen to the old availability workflow?

Even though there is a new interface, you can still make lessons and modules available via the "Availability" card in the card stack. You will be able to continue using the "Availability" card throughout the beta period.

The new interface lets you see all of your published content in one place - this means you don't have to individually visit each lesson or module and interact with its "Availability" card. Try it out - we think you'll like it!

How will this affect my current course(s)?

Your course(s) will not be affected unless you choose to set availability in the scheduling interface. Only published content is visible in this view. 

You can adjust the availability of this published content by changing the dates in the Date/Time Picker. This will update previously scheduled content with the new dates and times you set.

Using the toggle will make published content available or unavailable. Note that this will clear any dates you had previously set, but will not clear student data (for example, students who have already started the lessons or committed their work).

Why can't I see the interface when I'm logged into Lt?

In this first release, only course administrators and those roles with course editing permissions will be able to interact with the scheduling interface.

If you are an Author, Grader, or have a role without course editing permissions, then you are not yet able to view the interface.

Future updates and improvements

Even though the new interface significantly streamlines how you set availability, we are still planning future improvements. These include making the interface visible to authors, graders, and others without course editing permissions.

Feedback and support

 If you have any questions about the new interface, or ideas for its improvement, please let us know by using the feedback portal in Lt (below), or by contacting your local Customer Success Manager!

A screenshot of the Lt homepage showing the user dropdown menu. "The "Lt Feedback" option is highlighted gray in the dropdown menu,

Happy scheduling!

- The Lt Team

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18 May 2022

By Charlotte Steel

Scientific Writer


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