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3 Oct 2012

346 students from 70 universities took part in the tenth installment of the Professor A. Raman Challenge Trophy at the University of Malaya last month. A sponsor of the quiz, ADInstruments was at...

6 Aug 2012

ADInstruments congratulates Teresa Tang, the 2011 Australian Brain Bee Champion who has won the 2012 International Brain Bee (IBB).

3 Aug 2012

Learn about the 2012 Craw-Fly workshop and techniques covered in the course. 

19 Jun 2011

Educators from Goethe University Frankfurt have reported how they used LabTutor software with PowerLab systems to help improve their students’ learning experiences and exam...

23 Sep 2009

Veterinary students at the University of Copenhagen are learning how to better understand, diagnose and treat digestive problems in their future cattle patients by using PowerLab with LabChart...

17 Sep 2008

A group of twenty talented middle school students recently explored physiological concepts using PowerLab systems with LabTutor Software at a two week residential program that is held annually at...

1 Apr 2008

Since ADInstruments began in 1988, the revolutionary LabTutor software for PowerLab systems has been one of our most innovative developments for life science teaching. This month, we’...

24 Mar 2005

PowerLab and LabChart were used to demonstrate diving-induced bradycardia to three hundred passengers aboard a Discovery cruise ship visiting the Antarctica.