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27 Apr 2012

This study used retroviral delivery of transcription factors to convert cardiac fibroblasts into cardiac myocytes, in a mouse model of myocardial infarction. 

19 Apr 2012

The goal of this research was to test the viability of a novel artificial mouth and tongue device, which may have potential applications in the food and flavor industry. 

5 Apr 2012

This study investigated the relationship between the size of crayfish weaponry and pincer grip force.

26 Mar 2012

ABBC winner, Teresa Tang (Brisbane State High School), will be representing Australia-New Zealand at the International Neuroscience Brain Bee Challenge in Cape Town, South Africa. Both Teresa's...

15 Mar 2012

This study investigated the occurrence of cardiovascular deconditioning among astronauts during long-duration space flight (up to 180 days).

9 Mar 2012

Researchers find evidence for a crucial role of PKGI-α oxidation in blood pressure regulation.

3 Mar 2012

Modulating neuroimmune responses during early experiences of pain may hold the key in being able to avoid enhanced future pain responses (hyperalgesia). 

24 Feb 2012

Dr. Terrence Sweeney, Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Scranton, has been awarded the 2012 American Physiological Society's Macknight Progressive Educator Award for his...

10 Jan 2012

The Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Equipment Loan Program (2011) has awarded Dr. Glena Andrews a 2-year ADInstruments equipment loan for her proposal entitled "Exploring Cardiovascular...

16 Sep 2011

Laboratory Testing Inc (LTI) is an accredited, independent testing service and calibration company located in Pennsylvania, USA. LTI provides accurate, affordable materials testing and nondestructive...

19 Jun 2011

Educators from Goethe University Frankfurt have reported how they used LabTutor software with PowerLab systems to help improve their students’ learning experiences and exam...

10 Mar 2011

A Parisian research group are using PowerLab systems to help understand why we mimic the emotional facial expressions we perceive in others during social interactions. As part of their studies, the...

28 Feb 2011

Quacquarelli Symonds has announced the Top 100 Life Science and Biomedical universities in the world for 2010.  ADInstruments is proud to announce that PowerLab systems are used in 100% of these...

25 Oct 2010

The work of the psychophysiology group at the University of NSW highlights the many facets of psychophysiological research and reiterates the inherent relationship between psychological processes and...

21 Jun 2010

PhD student Sam Clayman, with Assoc. Prof. Frank Seebacher from the Integrated Physiology Group at University of Sydney (Australia), have been using PowerLab systems to investigate the physiological...