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Biochemistry / General Biology with Lt

This collection introduces a variety of concepts fundamental for biology and biochemistry, including acid-base titrations, spectrophotometry, and measuring pH.

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+Acid-Base Titration

Students will perform acid-base titrations and monitor them with a pH meter. They will determine the equivalence point of the titration, observe the effects of a buffer, and determine the pKa values of an amino acid. This lab is suitable for introductory chemistry, biochemistry, and biology students.

This lesson requires one of the PowerLabs below

+Biological Membranes

Students take samples of beets and subject them to several treatments that damage cell membranes to various degrees. They then use a spectrophotometer to measure how much pigment is released from the beet samples, showing the extent of membrane damage.

+Introduction to Spectrophotometry

In this lab, students will use basic problem solving skills and a spectrophotometer to solve a toxic waste disposal problem for a hypothetical company.

+Photosynthesis: Carbon Dioxide Fixation

Students explore the process of photosynthesis, and the effects light intensity has on this process. The aquatic plant Elodea is used, and the change in pH in the water is measured as it removes CO2 during photosynthesis.

This lesson requires one of the PowerLabs below

+Photosynthesis: Oxygen Production

Students will measure the rate of photosynthesis by recording the oxygen change in a controlled environment. They will investigate the effects light intensity has on photosynthetic rate. They will also observe the rate respiration.

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+Temperature Effects on Enzymes

In this lab students will become familiar with analyzing enzyme activity using spectrophotometry. Students will measure the effect of different temperatures on the performance of catechol oxidase, a common enzyme in many fruits and vegetables.

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