Excellence in Microsurgical Techniques Training

We warmly invite you to our Microsurgical Techniques and Pressure-Volume surgery training course, our first in-person event since the pandemic began.

We are confident that you will master the surgeries required for reliable blood pressure and left ventricular pressure (BP and LVP) surgery. If this is not the case, you will be able to attend your next RRSSC course for free. This is part of the RRSSC "no cure, no pay" philosophy. More refund information is available at the bottom of this web page.

Learning Outcomes

  • Train in the specialised surgical technniques to catheterise different vessels and monitor the wellbeing of subjects.
  • Learn how to use LabChart to its maximum potential for your research.
  • Experience a  wide range of specialised LabChart analysis features.
  • Undertake the surgeries required for reliable BP and LVP/PV surgery
  • Combine practical hands-on training  in surgical procedures with lectures (ratio 70:30) and advanced techniques for recording an analysing your data.

This course has been designed for scientists who are:

  • New to surgery and pressure-volume recording techniques.
  • Would like to refine their surgical techniques and need help in the recording and analysis of their blood pressure/ PV or other physiological data. 

Professor René Remie fluently speaks 4 languages: Dutch, German, English and French; any one-to-one instruction can take place in your chosen/native language.  You can view a detailed course agenda here.


Course Agenda


Please note, owing to COVID19 we have had to reduce total attendee number to 5, so places are very limited. We therefore encourage you to book your place early if you are interested.



“It was an excellent opportunity for me to attend such an important four days of microsurgical skills and hemodynamic ADInstruments PV-loop course at the René Remie Surgical Skills Centre. As a researcher in cardiology, it was the best investment for my research career to date. I have learned much about preclinical animal use in 32 hours over four days, including the 3R’s principles and how to work with animals to have excellent outcomes. This was a very well-organised course, which delivered vast amounts of knowledge and advice. From the practical point of view, I have learned many things to improve my microsurgical skills with continuous support, always being there to answer our questions.  I would highly recommend this course at the RRSSC, especially to cardiology professionals.”

Dr. rer. nat. Muhammad Elshafeey    
Experimental Immunocardiology Berlin Institute of Health at Charité    
Universitätmedizin Berlin, Germany


Course Presenters

Professor René Remie

Professor Remie has more than 30 years experience in experimental research with roles including; Professor of microsurgery and experimental techniques, Lecturer, Teacher of FELASA examination candidates as well as training surgical skills at the Rene Remie Surgical Skills Centre in The Netherlands which opened in 2002.

René's mission is to share his experience and enthusiasm for setting and achieving ambitious levels of surgical skills with as many hands-on practical exercises as possible.

Paula Croft

Paula previously used our state-of-the-art data acquisition hardware and software when working in Cardiovascular Research at Kings College London.

Paula joined ADInstruments in 2003, as a Scientific Support Specialist and, for more than a decade, has shared her extensive knowledge and expertise with new and existing customers. 

During your training, Paula will demonstrate the range of features that our data acquisition software, LabChart, has for monitoring and analyzing Blood pressure and ECG during surgical procedures.