African Association of Physiological Sciences Teaching Workshop


ADInstruments and Lasec are running two sessions at AAPS 2018 dedicated to practical teaching methods using PowerLab, Lt and Lt LabStation.

The themes of the AAPS 2018 Workshop are:

  • Approaches to teaching Physiology in the African context 
  • Strategies to introduce information and communications technology into the learning and teaching spaces
  • Enhancing networking and mobility of African postgraduate students
  • Evaluation practices: latest trends

The event has four central aims:

  • The workshop sets out to characterize the current status of Physiology education in resource-challenged regions, with a special emphasis on the African continent. Delegates will reflect on and share current practices, focusing on the various challenges faced by tertiary educational institutions while attempting to deliver quality educational instruction to medical and biomedical students at under- and postgraduate levels.
  • The workshop will promote networking opportunities for students and faculty members in order to strengthen collaborative initiatives in terms of educational programs and delivery.
  • The workshop will expose delegates to novel teaching approaches, aids and tools in Physiology education.
  • The workshop will begin to chart the way ahead for Physiology education within the African continent and other resource-challenged regions. Participants will be exposed, and contribute to the ongoing process to develop uniquely African strategies and initiatives to ensure high quality educational programs and improved cross-collaboration and networking across the continent.

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E.g., 28 Oct 2020
E.g., 28 Oct 2020

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