Cardiovascular Workshops - Shanghai,Beijing and Guangzhou


ADInstruments China will hold Cardiovascular Workshops in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou during November 2016. The one day presentation and hands-on workshop contains PV research, Langendorff and telemetry system, also with open-discussion sessions.

We now have the honor of inviting de Reus Mark, Head of Support of ADInstruments, to share with our users the experiences on cardiovascular researches and trend of ADInstruments products during the workshops.


E.g., 28 Oct 2020
E.g., 28 Oct 2020

We don’t currently have any scheduled sessions that match your selection, but please give us your details below to register your interest and we’ll contact you if a session is scheduled in your region.

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Timetable for Workshops

  • 16 Nov Wednesday, Shanghai

Registration contact: Sennar Deng 


Tel: +86 4006-316-586  (Work)

Mob: +86 13651972919  (Mobile)

  • 19 Nov Saturday, Beijing

Registration contact: Siman Chen


Tel: +86 4006-316-586  (Work)

Mob: +86 13811037424  (Mobile)

  • 21 Nov Monday, Guangzhou

Registration contact: David Liu


Tel: +86 4006-316-586  (Work)

Mob: +86 135 8030 2393  (Mobile)