Lt Brain Trust - EU 2020


The Lt Brain Trust is a connected community of innovative and engaged Lt users.

Back in 2016, a few of our enthusiastic users took matters into their own hands and created the Lt Brain Trust as a way to network and share ideas, techniques, and experiences. Since its success, we have been encouraged by educators globally to run the Lt Brain Trust every year! 

Lt Brain Trust in Europe will be held as a virtual conference this year. The event will run from the 9th through to the 12th of June, with two sessions each day from 1000 to 1200 BST. Experienced Lt users are already booked in to lead peer webinar sessions and the ADInstruments team stands ready to take your feedback, ideas and challenges onboard - to make your experience optimal. You can find a detailed agenda for the event here. 

The Lt Brain Trust isn’t only focused on Lt. Our wider vision is to build a growing and dynamic community of passionate teachers and innovative educators who interact, share resources, and collaborate on an ongoing basis. Check out an educator's story of our very first Lt Brain Trust in EU below.

You can register your details here. Please note, this event is relevant to those who have had user experience of Lt. 

See you there!


E.g., 26 Jun 2020
E.g., 26 Jun 2020

Lt Brain Trust - Europe

9th June - 12th June 2020, 10:00am to 12:00am

BST (British Summer Time)

Please register through the below link. Once we have your details, we will be sending you an invitation link to our online webinar and meeting platform ahead of the event. 

Please note, this event is relevant to those who have had user experience of Lt.


A story from our first ever Lt Brain Trust in Europe...

Professor Anne King of the University of Leeds presents at the first ever Lt Brain Trust in Europe.

Dr Anne King, Professor of Translational Neuroscience at the University of Leeds, has used ADInstruments technologies in lab classes for many years now, and was one of the participants and a presenter at the first EU Brain Trust event two years ago:

What did you enjoy most about the Lt Brain Trust event?
I really enjoyed the mix of activities with input from ADI staff combined with talks from Lt users. It had a laid-back atmosphere which encouraged discussion and audience input. The event location was excellent too!

What was the most valuable thing you learned?
What I came to understand was the huge flexibility that the platform offers to its users and I was very struck by the different approaches and material that had been developed by the end users to suit their own specific needs and requirements. Its opened my eyes to new possibilities to use Lt in other courses that we run!

Brain Trust attendees in discussion.

Events like these help open your eyes to possibilities of taking forward and improving your own use of Lt and, of course, collaboration and networking are crucial to this process. I was very impressed by how open everyone was to sharing what is, in effect, their intellectual property and ideas. It is also a comfort to hear from others that things that did not go so well for you were common to others too – the platform is evolving and this input from the user community is essential for future Lt development!

The 2017 UK Brain Trust event held at the University of Leeds.

Why are events like this important for the life science education community?
Folks are so very busy so there is no point in everyone re-inventing the wheel or making the same mistakes, it wastes way too much time. So cross-fertilization of ideas and sharing of material is vital for progress. It is important to share both positive and negative aspects of user experience and attendees were very open about and frank about both their successes and the challenges they faced.

We'd love to hear from you and see you at Lt Brain Trust event! If you are already an Lt user and would like to participate, register here.