APS Intersociety Meeting - Comparative Physiology

APS Intersociety Meeting - Comparative Physiology 2022

The APS Intersociety Meeting for Comparative Physiology is being held in San Diego, CA from October 28th - 31st. The meeting will take place at the Westin San Diego, and will bring together more than 200 comparative physiologists to present lectures and posters in a variety of areas such as those listed below:

  • animal models for clinically oriented and translational physiology;
  • muscle physiology;
  • extreme physiology;
  • behavior and physiology;
  • ischemia reperfusion metabolomics;
  • behavior and physiology;
  • renal function epithelial transport;
  • developmental plasticity;
  • adaptations to environments, stress physiology and thermal adaptions; and
  • comparative biology of aging.

ADInstruments is excited to exhibit at the meeting, where we will be able to showcase a variety of our research solutions for physiology. To register for this great event, visit the APS Professional Development Site by October 14th, 2022.