6th annual national conference of Association of Physiologists of India, ASSOPICON 2019 will be hosted by the Department of Physiology,  JSS Medical College, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysuru. The Conference aims to unfold the advances in the arena of Physiology by the global gathering and meeting of researchers from various diversities to share their knowledge in the scientific forum. It will provide a platform for experts in the field of Physiology to exchange ideas for holistic scientific development.

The conference will also provide a scientific feast in the form of the keynote address, plenary sessions, symposia, workshops, panel discussions, paper presentations by faculty and postgraduates.

On 11th September, there will be a pre-conference workshop on Exercise Physiology Testing in the Lab and FieldExercise Physiology


E.g., 17 Oct 2019
E.g., 17 Oct 2019

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