The Medical Functional Experiment Society Conference 2017


The Medical Functional Experiment Society Conference 2017 will be held in Shihezi of Xinjiang Province, China from 19th to 22th July. The conference is organized by the Medical Fuctional Experiment Society of Chinese Association of Pathophysiology and Xinjiang Shihezi University Medical College and invites medical experts all around the country for innovation of technology and communication.


E.g., 27 Jun 2018
E.g., 27 Jun 2018

We don’t currently have any scheduled sessions that match your selection, but please give us your details below to register your interest and we’ll contact you if a session is scheduled in your region.

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ADInstruments will attend the conference and make Human Physiology System demos and Equivital demo during the experiments and instruments display on 21th July. Please refer to ADInstruments China Events for details of the conference programm.