2019 Animal Physiology Experiment Teaching Workshop, China


ADInstruments China will held the first Animal Physiology Experiment Teaching Workshop in Guangzhou during the end of June. The hands-on workshop is designed to help users apply the PowerLab teaching system on animal physiology experiment teaching and establish an extensive user technology communication platform.

The contents of the workshop include: skeletal muscle single contraction, total contraction and tonic contraction; recording of neural stem compound action potential; animal physiology-related experiments such as neurohumoral regulation of rabbit arterial blood pressure. As well we will introduce the new software of ADInstruments on teaching system.


E.g., 23 Oct 2020
E.g., 23 Oct 2020

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2019 Animal Physiology Experiment Teaching Workshop

Date: 28th June - 30th June 

Workshop: 29th June (9:00-17:00)

Registration: 28th June (15:00-17:00) or 29th June (8:00-9:00)

Venue: School of Life Science, South China Normal University

Limited seats avaliable for the hands-on workshop, register soon!



Details of the program and registration contacts, pls visit 2019 Animal Physiology Experiment Teaching Workshop, China