Integrating Lt-Based Inquiry Into an Existing Anatomy & Physiology Lab Sequence

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Upgrade your anatomy and physiology classes with inquiry-based learning

Are your A&P students struggling to integrate lecture and lab content post-pandemic?

Learning outcomes improve when synergy builds between anatomy labs, physiology labs, and lectures. Building synergy requires relatively little additional expense, but requires careful planning to coordinate and sequence themes and content between instructional approaches. When teaching, Professor Lance Urven ensures lectures and labs cover topics in parallel. 

Professor Urven will walk attendees through the use of anatomy modules composed of models, slides, clay sculpting, and dissections, along with demonstrations of how “function” results from that “structure” using inquiry-driven data collection in Lt, an online lab notebook for the sciences.

This webinar will emphasize the importance of maintaining parallel themes, sequences, content, and terminology between lab and lecture to provide students with an integrated, mutually-reinforcing system of didactic instruction, anatomical study, and physiological exploration.

Key topics:

  • Multi-modal ways to teach anatomy and physiology, including models, slides, clay sculpting, dissections, and live data collection

  • How to maintain cohesion between your lectures and labs

  • Linking anatomical structure to physiological function

Please follow the link to register for the webinar and gain access to the on-demand recording.

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Professor Lance Urven

Lance Urven, PhD      
Professor of Biology, Marian University

Lance Urven, PhD, is a professor of Biology at Marian University in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He completed his doctoral training at the University of California, Davis, and postdoctoral study at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research. Urven has taught undergraduate anatomy and physiology, histology, cell biology and developmental biology, among other subjects, for more than 30 years.