Introduction to Neurophysiology Workshop


Course Overview
This Introduction to Neurophysiology workshop will be based on the use of Human and invertebrate model organisms including earthworm, cockroach, cricket and crayfish models to teach principles of electrophysiology. The objective of this workshop is to provide teachers hands-on experience with student-friendly preparations that demonstrate basic principles of nervous system physiology, and can easily be incorporated into courses in your laboratory.


E.g., 31 Oct 2020
E.g., 31 Oct 2020

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Topics to be covered:

Day 1

• Basics of data acquisition and analysis for electrophysiology
• Electroencephalography
• Electromyography  
• Reflexes and reaction times
• Electrodermal response.

Day 2

• Basics of neurophysiology in invertebrate models
• Basics of invertebrate neuroanatomy
• Earthworm Action Potentials
• Overview of invertebrate sensory systems in the cockroach and cricket
• Introduction to crayfish abdominal sensory-motor systems

Attendees will have access to an individual computer and hardware terminal to ensure a hands-on educational experience. Learning-by-doing alongside our experienced staff is the quickest method to master the PowerLab system. This course will leave you confident and ready to apply your new skills and knowledge to existing and future experimental protocols.