A workshop on New Techniques for Cardiovascular Hemodynamic Research


ADInstruments in association with Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU) is organizing a one-day workshop on New Techniques for Cardiovascular Hemodynamic Research. The aim of this workshop is to introduce techniques for measuring invasive hemodynamics parameters. There will be a live demo/hands-on of PowerLab® coupled with Millar Mikro-Tip catheters to provide researchers with cutting-edge technology to record and analyze high-fidelity cardiovascular signals (Pressure, Volume, PV loops). 

During this workshop, the faculty will get opportunity to examine individual loops, calculate and display End-systolic and End-diastolic PV relationships, to generate multiple plots like Preload-recruitable stroke work (PRSW), dP/dt max vs. End Diastolic Volume (EDV), Pressure-Volume Area (PVA) vs. EDV, PVA vs. End Systolic Pressure(ESP) etc.

We believe this session will benefit educators and researchers to explore more on the latest techniques used in research.

For any workshop query, please contact:

Dr. Mukesh Nandave, Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacology

Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU)

Email: mukeshnandave@gmail.com


E.g., 28 Oct 2020
E.g., 28 Oct 2020

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