LabChart Software Training Course


This course will ensure that you are using LabChart to its maximum potential in your research. As well as receiving advice on the best LabChart set-up for your specific measurements, you will also learn about and experience the wide range of specialised LabChart analysis features that have evolved in response to feedback from customers working with LabChart.

This course is useful for all scientists who wish to understand and better utilise the potential of LabChart for recording and analysing data. It will also suit researchers who may be interested in developing the range of parameters they measure, and those who wish to learn more about specific analysis Modules.

Day 1: Wednesday 8 February

AM: LabChart - The Basics of Data Acquisition
PM: LabChart - Improving Your Data Analysis

Day 2: Thursday 9 February
All Day: LabChart - Automation and Advanced Analysis

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E.g., 27 Oct 2020
E.g., 27 Oct 2020

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