Excellence in Microsurgical Techniques


1-4 October 2019
René Remie Surgical Skills Centre, Operetteweg 27, 1323, Almere, Netherlands

ADInstruments Ltd and the René Remie Surgical Skills Centre (RRSSC) have joined forces and expertise and are pleased to offer the latest 3 or 4 day Excellence in Microsurgical Techniques Training Course, which will take place at the RRSSC in Almere, the Netherlands. As well as learning the surgical techniques required to catheterise different vessels and to monitor the wellbeing of the animals, this course will ensure that you are using LabChart to its maximum potential in your research. As well as receiving advice on the best LabChart set-up for your specific measurements, you will also learn about and experience the wide range of specialised LabChart analysis features. If preferred, you have the option of an additional day which focuses on Pressure-Volume loop measurements and analysis.

This training is designed to be very practical and combines multiple hands on surgery procedures with lectures (ratio 70/30), as well as techniques in recording and analysing your data, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive training experience. The PV training will be using ADInstruments LabChart and Pressure-Volume module alongside the Millar Hardware for the conductance method of volume calibration.


E.g., 21 Oct 2020
E.g., 21 Oct 2020

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