Pressure-Volume Techniques & Analysis Practical Workshop


On February 20th 2019, ADInstruments, in association with The Baker Institute’s Preclinical Cardiology Research Centre (Microsurgery and Imaging), will provide a full-day training course in Pressure-Volume cardiac catheterisation in mouse models. This one-day training course will provide information and guidance with study design considerations, surgery and analysis; as well as live demonstration of procedures in a small group setting.

Gain skills and confidence using the preferred method for cardiac cycle assessment in intact hearts at our Pressure-Volume small animal workshop.

Using Millar MPVS Ultra Pressure-Volume units and catheters for small animals with PowerLab data acquisition systems, you will learn how to record and plot left ventricular pressure and volume signals against each other in real time, generating characteristic pressure-volume (PV) loops. You will also learn how to analyse your data and extract haemodynamic parameters to evaluate the mechanical properties of the heart.

ADInstruments Technical Support and Sales Specialists attending: Rashmi Mohan, Chaitanya Veeranki, Amy Cheah, & Parimal Kacha. ADInstruments application scientists will be joined by Dr. Daniel Donner.


E.g., 20 Oct 2020
E.g., 20 Oct 2020

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