Online Faculty Development Program on Recent Trends in Medical Cybernetics


Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Calicut is organizing a one-week  Online Faculty Development Program on Recent Trends in Medical Cybernetics. The aims of this course is to create a platform for academia and professionals to interact with each other and to create a sound awareness of the various trends including machine learning and deep learning in signal and image processing techniques. This will help the participants to interact with experts in this field and thereby strengthen their academic and research activities. 
Major course contents
• Origin and applications of Biomedical signals
• Linear algebra for signal processing
• Pattern Classification
• Cybernetics of biological movement: Window into decision-making processes in the brain
• Deep learning applications in 1D and 2D Medical data analysis
• Trends in signal analysis
• Segmentation from images using deep learning techniques


E.g., 7 Jun 2021
E.g., 7 Jun 2021

We don’t currently have any scheduled sessions that match your selection, but please give us your details below to register your interest and we’ll contact you if a session is scheduled in your region.

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ADInstruments will be demonstrating our products on the 24th Wednesday in the afternoon session. We will cover the Data Acquisition basics with PowerLab and LabChart, Wireless Physiology monitor and Wireless EMG and data analysis.