CrawFly Invertebrate Neurophysiology Course


ADInstruments and Emory University's Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology Program will co-host a hands-on workshop for higher education life science instructors seeking to expand their curriculum reach in the neurosciences.

The training event will spend 2 days on topics explored in the “Crawdad Project,” a three-year program funded by the National Science Foundation to promote the use of invertebrates in undergraduate physiology and neuroscience lab courses, and 2 days covering optogenetic manipulation in fruitflies and building optical stimulators for home use. The goals of this hosted workshop are to provide teachers hands-on experience with invertebrate preparations that demonstrate basic principles of nervous system physiology, and can easily be incorporated into laboratory courses back home.

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E.g., 21 Nov 2017
E.g., 21 Nov 2017

January 2018

10 Jan 18 to 14 Jan 18, 8:00am to 5:30pm

1462 Clifton Road Atlanta, GA 30322 United States