SnailFest Invertebrate Neurophysiology Course


ADInstruments and Emory University's Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology Program are excited to co-host this 3-day, hands-on workshop.


E.g., 16 Oct 2018
E.g., 16 Oct 2018

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Who Should Attend:

Higher Education Life Science instructors seeking to expand their curriculum reach in the neurosciences.

Course Overview:

A hands-on workshop teaching practical laboratory skills for extracellular and intracellular recording. Snail buccal and circumesophageal ganglia are established models for motor pattern generation, neuronal excitability, neuromodulation, and investigation of the ionic currents that underlie complex activity patterns. The large cell bodies make them ideal for the teaching lab. We will use two species of pond snails, Lymnaea and Helisoma.