P/B/M/H/ Organ-Cultured Anterior Segment Ex -Vivo Model System in Glaucoma Research


You're invited to our upcoming webinar on P/B/M/H/ Organ-Cultured Anterior Segment  Ex-Vivo Model System in Glaucoma Research
In this webinar you will learn:

  • An overview of Organ-cultured Anterior Segment (OCAS) Model using different animal species
  • Demonstration of Human Organ-Cultured Anterior Segment
  • (HOCAS) Ex vivo experimental set-up
  • Application of HOCAS in anti-glaucoma drug screening, induction of diseased condition and evaluation of cell-based therapy – our experiences
  • Limitations of OCAS

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Senthilkumari Srinivasan
Scientist (RS3) Dept. of Ocular Pharmacology,
Aravind Medical Research Foundation (AMRF)

Dr. Senthilkumari has received her Ph.D. in Ocular Pharmacology from Dr. Rajendra Prasad Center for Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi in 2008. Later, she has joined Aravind Medical Research Foundation in August 2008.

Her research interest is on understanding the molecular mechanism(s) involved in the pathogenesis and identifying drug targets for the “silent sight killer – Glaucoma especially POAG and steroid-induced glaucoma”. 

Through DBT-CREST Award (2011-12), she has received extensive training and hands-on experience on the organ-cultured anterior segment at Dr. Kaufman’s lab, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA, and she established the human organ-cultured anterior segment (HOCAS) facility at AMRF. This ex vivo model system is the first of its kind in India which is utilized to determine the trabecular meshwork outflow facility responses to investigational drugs.
She has received several fundings from the Government of India – DST-Young Scientist, DBT, ICMR and SERB for various projects. Dr. Senthilkumari Srinivasan has been recently awarded the DBT- Wellcome Trust /India Alliance –Intermediate Fellowship (2016) for the project on “MicroRNA role in steroid glaucoma”. 



E.g., 17 Jun 2021
E.g., 17 Jun 2021

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