Maximizing Data Quality in Life Science Data Acquisition and Analysis


Maximizing Data Quality in Life Science Data Acquisition and Analysis

During this free webinar, Brandon Bucher, Head of Research at ADInstruments will share best practices, technical considerations and provide expert advice on avoiding common mistakes with digital data acquisition and analysis to produce higher quality research results.

He will discuss key considerations for successful experimentation, including:

  • Data acquisition and analysis system set up
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Proper signal conditioning and artifact rejection
  • Exporting data

Content covered in this webinar will be most relevant to scientists in the following research fields:

Animal Physiology

  • Autonomic
  • Tissue and Circulation
  • Telemetry
  • Behavior, Sleep and Neuroscience
  • Cardiovascular Function
  • Cardiac Electrophysiology
  • in vitro Pharmacology
  • Isolated Tissue and Organ Electrophysiology

Human Physiology

  • Autonomic
  • Cardiovascular
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Neuro
  • Psychophysiology
  • Respiratory
  • Sleep Studies
  • Tissue and Circulation
Brandon Bucher

Brandon Bucher

Head of Product,
Dunedin, New Zealand

Brandon Bucher has spent the last 11 years working alongside life science researchers at ADInstruments, leveraging that experience to advise investigators on how to get the most out of their scientific instrumentation and achieve high-quality results in their data acquisition software. Brandon earned a BS in Bioengineering from Washington State University in 2006, and began his career at ADInstruments as a Biomedical Sales Engineer in 2007. Since that time, Brandon has gained experience in scientific sales, support, product management and development; allowing him to gather a wide range of application knowledge in life science research. Since becoming Head of Research at ADInstruments, Brandon has lead the research development and product management teams, connecting the needs of customers to ADInstruments product development.


E.g., 23 Sep 2020
E.g., 23 Sep 2020

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