Plant pigments online: How to engage college biology students in active learning!


ADInstruments and Vernier Software & Technology have partnered to enhance lab-based learning.

Use our online platform, Lt, with Go Direct® Sensors and Bio-RadTM Laboratories kits to teach interactive and engaging college biology labs! 

The image contains the title of the webinar, "Plant pigments online: How to engage college biology students in active learning!" . There are photos of John Melville and Charlotte Steel, the speakers. There are the Vernier and Lt logos, and three cuvettes.

Plant pigments offer an approachable way for college students to learn about the properties of light transmission and absorbance, as well as the properties of chlorophyll.

In this webinar, John and Charlotte will:

  • Demonstrate how to use the Go Direct® SpectroVis® Plus Spectrophotometer to measure the visible absorbance spectra of plant pigments and food coloring. 

  • Explore this experiment in the online learning platform Lt, and discuss how you can easily build your biology curriculum, customize labs, grade answers, track student progress, and scaffold learning in the Lt Biology Collection.

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About The Presenters

Dr. John Melville

Dr. John Melville

Dr John Melville (PhD) is the Director of Biology at Vernier Software & Technology. He has over a decade of experience teaching at the university level, during which he designed inquiry-based laboratory exercises and integrated data-collection technology into his courses.

Charlotte Steel

Charlotte Steel

Charlotte Steel worked as an instructional designer building the Lt Biology Collection. She has an interest in pedagogical design, and will be able to answer your questions on both the Lt Biology Collection and the Lt platform in general.


E.g., 6 Jul 2022
E.g., 6 Jul 2022

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