Implant Exchange Program

Implant Exchange Program

To extend the life of your PhysioTelTM implants and reduce costs, they can be sterilized. However the most valuable option for researchers is the DSI implants Exchange Program.

Through this program, you can exchange your used PhysioTelTM implants for replacement implants at a fraction of the original price, while receiving the assurance that each replacement implant is guaranteed for performance and quality.

Warning message

Any implants that did not perform properly, regardless of age or condition, need to be returned through the Case process. Please click here to open a case.

Implant Exchange Instructions

These instructions are provided to explain how to return your transmitters for exchange. If you follow these procedures, we can begin processing your Transmitter Exchange Order immediately and avoid potential delays in returning your exchanged transmitters. Please contact your ADInstruments representative with any additional questions.

  1. Explanted transmitters may constitute a biohazard! To prevent delays, carefully follow the cleaning and sterilization instructions using a DSI-approved process as outlined in the On-site Cleaning and Resterilization tech notes. Note: Shipments that have not been cleaned and sterilized will be charged a $100 USD handling fee per transmitter. These products are subject to transportation regulations as published by the US DOT or ICAO or your carrier. If the products are fully decontaminated, they may be exempted or excepted from part or all of the requirements (including packaging, marking, labeling, and documentation).

  2. Obtain a purchase order from your institution and a quote from ADInstruments before returning the product. One of the most common reasons for delays in shipment of exchanged transmitters is the lack of a purchase order. Please ensure that you use a valid purchase order. An internal purchase requisition is not acceptable. Orders will not be entered until ADInstruments receives a copy of the purchase order.

  3. If you are located outside of the USA please follow the additional instructions for international customers.

  4. Complete the Implant Exchange Form. A copy of the Implant Exchange Form must accompany your shipment.

  5. Pack the products carefully for return shipment. Place transmitters in the original package or in a zip-lock bag. Place the packaged transmitters in a box with adequate packing material to prevent damage during shipment. If possible, use the original shipping box you received with your transmitters. Please do not place transmitters alone in a box full of packing material since small transmitters can easily be lost.

  6. Please email a digital copy of the Implant Exchange Form and your Purchase Order to one of the following email address. Make a copy of the Implant Exchange Form and your Purchase Order for your own records, and put a paper copy of the Implant Exchange Form in the box with your transmitters.

    Region Email
    Europe and UK
    North America
    Central and South America
    Australia and New Zealand
    Middle East and North Africa
  7. Ship your products to:

    119 14th Street NW
    Suite 100
    St. Paul, MN 55112 USA


  • There is an additional fee per transmitter for any special transmitter request.
  • Any freight and/or clearance charges (value added tax and duties) billed to DSI, for shipments sent to DSI, will be billed back to the customer.
  • There is a minimum order of $50 USD.
  • If you experienced problems or failures with any of your transmitters, please contact ADInstruments Technical Support and refer to the Returning Products to ADInstruments for Investigation instructions.