Lt Clinical Skills: Overview

Collection design

The Clinical Skills collection is designed to develop student’s practical nursing and communication skills. The collection was developed in conjunction with both a nurse educator and a registered, practising NZ nurse.

The following textbooks were consulted during development:

Lt Immersive Nursing: Overview


Collection design

The Immersive Nursing collection was designed to build learners’ understanding of normal physiology and pathophysiology, and apply that to a patient’s condition. The collection was developed in conjunction with an educator who is a registered, practicing nurse in New Zealand.

The Lt Background Page

Charlotte Steel

Instructional Designer

The Background page can be accessed from any other page in a lesson by selecting the book icon at the top left of the heading bar.

Here, you can add background information that may not be strictly necessary for the completion of the lesson. For example, information about the history of an experiment or discovery, behavioral information about the organism being studied, and fundamental or bridging information about key concepts students may have missed in lectures.

Exporting student answers in Lt

Why would I want to export my students' answers?

If you need to know how students are progressing through your lesson, you can utilise the Export student answers feature. This allows you to see which of your students have started the lesson and how far through the lesson they have progressed.

How to download example data and settings files from Lt

Charlotte Steel

Instructional Designer


Data panels in Lt lessons contain settings files, which dictate how data is recorded into Lt. Some data panels also contain pre-recorded example data so that students can compare the data they record to an expected result. It can be handy to download these files from existing lessons so that you can use them in your own lessons, or so that you can edit the files in LabChart to suit your purposes.

How do I delete a lesson in Lt?

To delete a lesson, follow these steps: 

Navigate to your Course, select Lessons, choose the lesson you want to delete, select the cog menu, and choose Delete from the drop down menu. A popup will appear to provide more information about what it means to delete a lesson. Select Delete Lesson to confirm you action. 

Importing Students into Lt

Students must be invited to your course so that they can have access to all of your lessons and modules. Once invited, your Course will appear on their Lt homepage, and they will have access to everything that has been published. From the admin pages, you can keep track of how your students are progressing through your lessons. Please take care to enter the correct email address of each student when inviting them to your course.

Lesson Reports in Lt

If a Completion Page is added to your lesson, Lt will automatically copy all of the questions within that single lesson into a report on the final page. If Show Report is selected, students will be able to review all of their work on this page and make edits to their answers (except for any of the answers to questions preceding a checkpoint). If the course has been configured to allow PDFs, students will have the option to download a copy of their report as a PDF or submit it by email to an instructor.