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If you want to provide either an issue or feedback about Lt, you can use the Lt Feedback option. This is found under your user dropdown menu on the top right of Lt. Before sending, you will have the option to consent to include your diagnostic information with your feedback.


Lt Analytics Dashboard

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Lt Clinical Skills: Overview

Collection design

The Clinical Skills collection is designed to develop student’s practical nursing and communication skills. The collection was developed in conjunction with both a nurse educator and a registered, practising NZ nurse.

The following textbooks were consulted during development:

Lt Immersive Nursing: Overview


Collection design

The Immersive Nursing collection was designed to build learners’ understanding of normal physiology and pathophysiology, and apply that to a patient’s condition. The collection was developed in conjunction with an educator who is a registered, practicing nurse in New Zealand.

The Lt Background Page

The Background page can be accessed from any other page in a lesson by selecting the book icon at the top left of the heading bar.

Here, you can add background information that may not be strictly necessary for the completion of the lesson. For example, information about the history of an experiment or discovery, behavioral information about the organism being studied, and fundamental or bridging information about key concepts students may have missed in lectures.

Exporting student answers in Lt

Why would I want to export my students' answers?

If you need to know how students are progressing through your lesson, you can utilise the Export student answers feature. This allows you to see which of your students have started the lesson and how far through the lesson they have progressed.