LabChart Add-Ons

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Wii Balance Board Device Enabler

Facilitates communication between a Wii Balance Board and LabChart over a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Video Capture

The Video Capture Module for LabChart is used for simultaneous recording and synchronization of a digital video and a LabChart data file.

Trigno Wireless Device Enabler

The Trigno Device Enabler allows a range of Trigno Wireless sensors manufactured by Delsys to stream data into LabChart.


Telegraph is a LabChart extension which makes use of the gain-telegraph output from an electrophysiological amplifier.


The Spirometry Extension for LabChart is a free extension that is used to derive respiratory parameters based on flow and volume, such as VE, VT, PIF, PEF, FVC and FEV1. Users can select flow units as either μL/s, mL/s or L/s within the Spirometry Extension.

Spike Histogram

The Spike Histogram Module for LabChart provides the ability to record and analyze extracellular spike data in real time.


The Scheduler Extension for LabChart allows the scheduling of recordings across one or more La

PV Loop

The PV Loop Analysis Software Module for LabChart is specifically designed for the analysis of in vivo ventricular pressure-volume data in small and large animals, or ex vivo, using working heart systems. Analyze ventricular pressure-volume baseline and occlusion data in realtime or post acquisition.

Playback File

The Playback File Add-On for LabChart allows streaming in data to mimic real-life recording situations using previously recorded data.


PhysioTel CONNECT enables direct communications between DSI PhysioTelTM small animal telemetry hardware and LabChart analysis software (Windows only).

Peak Analysis

The Peak Analysis Module for LabChart provides automatic detection and analysis of multiple, non-overlapping, signal peaks.

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Oxford Optronix Device Enabler

The Oxford Optronix Device Enabler Add-On for LabChart allows Oxford Optronix devices to stream data into LabChart.

Non Invasive Cardiac Output

The Non-Invasive Cardiac Output (NICO) software extension complements our Human NIBP Nano System, used for continuous, non-inva

Multipoint Calibration

The Multipoint Calibration Add-On provides a channel calculation which allows you to convert raw voltage signals from your Powerlab into your desired units. 


The Metabolic Module for LabChart is ideal for determining cardiorespiratory function and exercise physiology measurements.

Kent Device Enabler

The Kent Device Enabler Add-On for LabChart allows Kent Scientific devices to stream data into LabChart.

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