Panlab Single Chamber Organ Bath

Product Code ML1110

A perspex, single-chambered organ bath that is ideal for student classroom use.

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Ideal for student classroom use. It is a modular perspex organ bath with a 25 ml tissue chamber, three-way stopcock for physiological solution exchange and a fine needle valve for gas regulation. Tissue and transducer holders, micropositioner and mounting stand are included.

Isometric or isotonic force transducers are purchased separately. To maintain a constant temperature in the tissue chamber a thermoregulated peristaltic pump is available, which can be used with up to four of the Single Chamber Organ Baths in series (no more than 2m distance). A Panlab O-Ring Kit is also available for purchase separately.

Key Features

  • Optimal modularity
  • Micropositioner for high precision adjustment of the Transducer and tissue-holder support
  • Complete accessibility to all components to facilitate maintenance or replacement
  • Extremely easy to place the stimulation electrodes
  • Independent valves per chamber for the fine adjustment of bubbling
  • Minimum drift of the nutrient liquid
  • Use of totally inert materials, Viton, Teflon, Delrin, Silicone and other materials that are not degraded by acids or salts



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Panlab Single Chamber Organ Bath
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