Studying muscle activity, movement or force? From wireless surface EMG solutions to tissue/organ baths and force transducers, we’ve got what you're looking for. Don’t stress about filtering noise, adjusting calculating parameters and DMT normalization. It’s super easy with LabChart.


Electromyography (EMG)

Whether wireless or tethered, surface or intramuscular EMG activity can be measured with PowerLab and an EMG system fully isolated for human and animal studies. 


Clarify the interaction between chemical, electrical and mechanical forces in vivo and in vitro with PowerLab and our range of isometric or isotonic force transducers.

Joint movement and muscle activity

Get your subjects moving with the PowerLab and our range of goniometers and specialized transducers which enable simultaneous stimulation and recording of movement from muscles and joints.​

Tissue/Organ Baths

Record muscle tension measurements from a variety of tissue types using complete organ bath systems.



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