Administrator Roles in Lt

Administrator Roles in Lt

There are different roles in Lt (Student, Author, Course Administrator) and each has different privileges. You will only ever have one ID in Lt and it allows you to take on any number of roles (e.g., you can be a Course Administrator and a Student for the same course).


Instance Administrator

In Lt, a person with an Instance Administrator account looks after the Instance. They control all Instance settings and can create and modify courses and lessons within them. They can also import students and invite other staff.

Course Administrator

A person with a Course Administrator account can create, delete, and restore their own courses and the lessons within them. Each course in an Instance has a single Course Administrator assigned to it. The Course Administrator can configure the report settings, add students, and publish lessons or modules.


A person with an Author account can create and edit lessons and modules within the courses they have been invited to by the Course Administrator. The lessons created by Authors belong to the course, not the Author. Authors can have their authoring privileges removed if, for example, they were to leave the institution.


Students have their Instances created by Course Administrators and will be sent an invitation email. They can then be added to any number of Courses, by any number of Course Administrators. As before, they each will have a single ID, which is their account for life.

Other Roles

An Instance Administrator may choose to create new roles to fit the needs of their department or course. For more information on managing roles, see here.