How to Archive Your Course Each Semester

Semester 1 Archiving and Semester 2 Set Up Plan

  1. Optional: Archiving student data in Semester 1 course

    • Note you will need to do this for each lesson
    • Go to Course > Student Work > Module name (if there are modules) > Lesson > Cogwheel > Export Student Answers
    • Save the .csv file on your local servers in an appropriate location.
  2. Setting up Semester 2 course

    • Create a new course with the appropriate code as a “short name”, ensure it ends with “S2:2017”
    • In the “long name” field, add in “Sem 2, 2017” at the end of the name
    • Course > Settings > Grading Workflow > choose correct grading (PDF or kura)
    • If you want to receive reports, click “Students can email reports” – assign an email address for the reports to be sent to
  3. Copying your lessons into the Semester 2 course

    • Go to your original S1 course OR your Master course OR Lt collection (wherever you have the modules/lessons you want to copy)
    • To copy a Module:
      • Course > Module > Select module > Cogwheel > Copy to course > select course your S2 course from the dropdown
    • To copy a Lesson which is not in a module:
      • Course > Lesson > Select Lesson > Cogwheel > Copy to course > select your S2 course from the dropdown
  4. Check everything in your Semester 2 course is set up correctly

    • Are all the lessons there?
    • Are all the modules correctly made, labelled and structured?
    • Is the PDF grading set up and email address assigned?
  5. Making Sem 2 course available to students

    • Follow normal workflows for publishing modules and lessons
    • Follow normal workflows for inviting students
  6. Optional: Deleting Semester 1 course

    • Check you have completed steps 1 through 7
    • Go to Semester 1 Course > Settings > Delete Course
    This will delete the course, modules, lessons, students and student data. You can restore these at any time by clicking on “Deleted Courses” at the bottom left of the course menu sidebar. You can also access analytics from “deleted courses” if this is useful to you.