How to create a module in Lt

Why might I want to use modules?

Modules are essentially virtual folders used to store lessons. They are useful if you want to group related lessons, or require students to complete a series of lessons in order. For example, you may want your students to complete a pre-lab lesson before gaining acces to the associated lab. 

How to create a new module

To create a module in your Course, select Modules, then New. Create a name for your module. 

Next, select Add and choose which lessons you want to include in your module from the list of lessons that appear. (All of the lessons available in your course will appear in this list, unless they have already been added to your module.) You can select an unlimited number of lessons to be stored within your module.

If you need to delete a lesson from your module, select the blue X to the right of the lesson name. To rearrange lessons, select the small blue dots to the left of the lesson title and drag them into the order you want them to appear within your module. If you want your students to complete the lessons in this particular order, select the checkbox next to Students must complete lessons in order

Once you are happy with the arrangement of your module, select the orange Finish Editing button. If you need to made edits to the contents of your module, select Edit Module and repeat the relevant steps. (Note that if you want to add new lessons to your existing module, lessons that already appear in your module will not appear in the lesson list.)  

How to edit the Module Details  

If you want to change the name of your module, or add a relevant image that will appear on your students' homepage, navigate to the Module Card and select Details, then Edit Details

Here, you can change the name of the Module, add a short description, and add an image. You can also enter keywords to describe the module as a way to tag modules and improve searching capability.

Publish the module

Before your module can be seen by students, it needs to be published and made available. Read more about the publishing process here. Once published, the module will appear on your students' homepage and inform them how many lessons are included within the module.