Publishing in Lt

Before students can see any lessons or modules, they must first be published and then made available to students.

To publish an individual lesson, select the Publish option within the Lesson card. (Note: Staff must have a role in which they can edit course settings to access this option.) 

A time stamp indicating when you published the lesson will show up on the Lesson card, and the published lesson icon  will appear next to the lesson name on the Lesson card. Authors can still edit lessons after they have been published, but the published lesson must be updated to the latest version by an Administrator before students have access to the changes. If the lesson has been updated, the published lesson icon will be replaced by the update lesson icon on the Lesson card. A message will also appear on the Lesson card: 

To publish the latest changes to the lesson, select the published lesson link shown above. You can also navigate to your list of published lessons by selecting Student Work in the Course card. From there, choose the lesson to be updated and select Update to Latest. Note: Only students who have not started the lesson will receive the updated version. If a lesson is in progress, the student will continue in the version they started with. 

You can make published lessons unavailable to students by selecting Unpublish within the Published Lesson card.

Once a lesson has been published, you need to set its availability to determine when it becomes visible to students. A red warning is displayed on the Published Lesson card to alert you to this. (Note: Find the Published Lesson card through the Student Work tab.) Select the Availability tab on the Published Lesson card. If your course has been set up with Sections, these will appear in the Availability card.

You can choose to make the lesson available to all Sections at once using the Make Available to All button. Or, you may choose to set an individual availability time for each section by selecting the section, then the date and time you wish for the lesson to become visible to those students. You can also set an automatic Commit time for students, after which the lesson becomes read-only. 

The following example shows that the lesson is currently available to students in the Monday section, and is set to become available to students in the Tuesday section in two days. The Lesson's Availability card will display the availability status for each section, along with a color-coded status bar:

  • Red: Availability has not been set 
  • Blue: Lesson or module is available
  • Gray: Availability has been set, but lesson or module is not yet visible to students.

If you want your students to go through a group of lessons as a single unit, you can group your lessons together into a module. The module will appear on your student's home page and the student can select it to see the lessons you have included. Select the following link to learn about publishing a module in Lt

Sometimes you may want to publish a lesson individually, and include that same lesson in a module that will be published separately. Each time the lesson is published, a new revision is made. The details of your published revisions are listed on the Lesson card. The lesson itself is still a single lesson. If you edit the lesson, you can choose which of the published revisions is updated, by selecting update from your chosen Lesson Revision Card.

If you plan to have two similar versions of one lesson that you continue to edit and publish, we suggest that you duplicate the lesson and give the duplicates individual names. This means that you’ll be able to make changes to the different lessons and keep them both up-to-date.

To see Publishing and Availability in action, please watch the Publishing Lessons in Lt video