Settings for Sampling Panels in Lt - Pulse and Heart Rate

The Pulse and heart rate preset settings can be used together with a finger pulse transducer to measure your heart rate.

Exercises you can do with these settings

  • With the Pulse Transducer attached to the distal segment of a volunteer's middle finger, investigate whether there are any rhythmic variations in heart rate during quiet breathing. 
  • Alternatively, use the Pulse Transducer to visualize the waveform of the radial pulse during the cardiac cycle (see equipment setup image below).
  • Count the number of pulses in different time periods (e.g. 15, 30, and 60 seconds) and calculate the heart rate as you would in a clinical setting.

The following instructions may be useful for you to copy and paste for your students:

Equipment setup procedure

  1. Connect the Pulse Transducer to Input 1 on the PowerLab.
  2. Attach the Pulse Transducer to the volunteer's middle finger. 
  3. Alternatively, palpate the radial pulse of your volunteer, then place the pressure pad of the Pulse Transducer against their radial artery, as shown in the image below.