After downgrading LabTutor Server, why do I get "Unexpected Error" upon attempting to access LabTutor Server admin pages?

Please see attached image for full error. This error is as a result of attempting to downgrade LabTutor Server from a later version. The error alerts the user that an unsupported database has been detected, resulting in a dysfunctional LabTutor Server.


To overcome this, the current version of LabTutor Server must first be uninstalled and its database manually deleted. The earlier version of LabTutor Server will then be able to be installed. Depending on which version of Windows you're running, the LabTutor Server database is located at:

  • Windows XP or Server 2003/2008: C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/ ADInstruments/LabTutor Server
  • Windows Vista, 7 and later: C:/Program Data/ADIntruments/LabTutor Server

Please ensure no users are connected to LabTutor Server prior to reinstallation.


This information is valid for LabTutor v4.0.