Are LabTutor 3 Experiments compatible with LabTutor 4?

LabTutor 3 Experiments can be imported into LabTutor 4 using the following process, on a machine that has LabAuthor 4 installed:
1.  Double-click the LabTutor 3 Experiment File to 'unzip' it, generating a LabAuthor 4-compatible folder:
2.  Open LabAuthor, and click 'Open...', and Open the Windows Folder generated by Step 1 above. Select the file named 'experiment' (an XML file) and then click 'Open' to import the Experiment into LabAuthor 4:
3. Re-save the Experiment in LabAuthor 4, and then Save as an Installer File.
Your Experiment will now be able to be imported into your LabTutor 4 Server.