Can the chamber temperatures for a DMT Myograph/Tissue Bath be adjusted individually?

Yes, the temperatures for each chamber can be adjusted independently via the DMT 620M Myograph's, DMT 720MO Tissue Bath's, or DMT 820MS Muscle Strip Myograph's TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE function.  To accomplish this, the setpoint temperature for all chambers must be set first.  On the Myograph touchscreen interface, press the HEAT key on the ACTUAL FORCE display screen.   


















The HEAT menu will now appear.  Pressing the DEFAULT key will automatically reset the temperature setpoint to 37°C. The temperature can be manually changed by pressing the UP and DOWN arrow keys. To turn the heat on, press the ON key and the ON icon will turn green, indicating the heat has been turned on. The system will heat to the designated temperature setpoint. Pressing the ENTER key will send the user back to the ACTUAL FORCE display screen.











































Now that the setpoint temperature has been set for all chambers, temperature offsets can be added to each chamber individually via the TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE menu. To access this menu, press the SETTINGS key on the ACTUAL FORCE display screen. 




















Next, press the INTERFACE SETTINGS key on the displayed SETTINGS menu





















Finally, press the TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE key located on the INTERFACE SETTINGS menu























The TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE menu will now be displayed. 






















The TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE function allows the user to fine-tune the temperature setpoint of the system. Although the temperature setpoint for the system can be set in the HEAT menu, the actual temperature for the system may not heat to the exact defined setpoint. Therefore, the user can adjust the temperature of each chamber individually to fine-tune the temperature setting so that EXACT temperatures can be achieved for any particular chamber. This is referred to as a temperature offset (TEMP OFFSET ON CHAMBER).


Pressing the SELECT key next to any given channel will cause the line selected to turn blue. The UP and DOWN arrow keys can then be used to modify the temperature offset for that specific channel. Pressing the ALL key will cause all the lines to turn blue, meaning all chambers can be modified at the same time. Again, the UP and DOWN arrow keys can be used to modify the temperature offset. Pressing the ENTER key will store the numbers in memory for future experiments.

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