Can a Custom Experiment in LabAuthor be pre-optimised for a different screen Resolution than the default 1000 x 725?

By default any New Experiment or pre-written ADInstruments Experiment is configured to be optimally displayed on a screen using a resolution of 1000 x 725. This can, however, be adjusted to one of two alternative presets (widescreen, 1240 x 620 OR i-mac, 1400 x 720), or a customised Resolution can be defined. To do this:
- Open the Advanced Experiment Properties dialogue, by going to 'Edit' | 'Experiment Properties'
- Select one of the Presets, or manually type a new Resolution in to the Page Canvas box. Note that you will need to manually delete the name of the Preset for LabAuthor to accept the Custom Resolution. Once this has been entered, click OK to confirm the change:
The above custom resolution would be optimised for use on a first generation iPad Mini
Note: It is important to consider that the Resolution for Experiment Pages is a 'Global' setting for every Experiment Page. This is why the option to adjust the Resolution on a Content Page by Content Page basis is greyed out with an individual Content Page's Properties Dialogue: