Can I export the details from the 'Student Data' --> 'Status' section of LabTutor Server to a statistics package for analysis?

It is possible to export the information found under the Student Data | Status section within the LabTutor Server, though this requires use of External Programs to extract and convert the information to columns in an Excel file.

Please note that ADInstruments is not responsible for the behaviour of external programs. Where possible, use the official paid Adobe version of these programs.

To achieve this, you will need a program that allows you to Print to a pdf document, such as Adobe Print to PDF, and a program that can convert pdfs to Microsoft Excel documents (or a filetype you require), such as Adobe Export PDF. You will also need Adobe PDF Reader to read the generated pdf file.

To get this information into Excel, follow these steps (make sure both above programs are installed):

1. Go to the Student Data | Status tab within LabTutor Server

2. Click 'Print' at the bottom of the screen, and choose your print-to-pdf program from the drop-down list of available printers. Save your document with an appropriate name:

3. Import the resulting file into your PDF to Excel Conversion Program. This should correctly parse the columns and allow you to perform statistical analysis: