Can I have Example Data in LabTutor 'Play Back' as if it were coming in live rather than it being added all at once?

Whilst it is not possible to 'Playback' the Example Data within the Data Panel itself within LabTutor, it is possible to achieve a similar effect by playing the data back as a QuickTime Movie.
To do this, you will need a copy of LabChart 7.0.3 or later, with the Export to QuickTime Extension installed - both of which can be downloaded from the ADInstruments Website in its Software Downloads section. You will also need to have the QuickTime plugin installed on all LabTutor Client computers.
To get the Example Data in to LabTutor as a QuickTime Movie, follow these steps:
1. You will need access and add the Example Data of interest to the Data Panel as a Student in the LabTutor Client (this will require a PowerLab to be attached)
2. Log in to the LabTutor Server Admin Pages, and go to Student Data | Find and Manage, and locate the Experiment you added the Example Data to in Step 1. Click on the Pencil Icon to access further options. In the resulting window, click the Blue Arrow. This will allow you to save the Data in the LabChart format:
3. Open the resulting LabChart file into LabChart 7 / LabChart 8.
4. Within LabChart, Save the File as a QuickTime Movie, via File | Export:
5. Import the QuickTime Movie into the Other Media section of the LabAuthor Side Panel:
An Example Experiment with the completed process can be downloaded here (you will need LabTutor / LabAuthor 4.5.2 or newer and the QuickTime plugin to open and view the Movie in this Experiment).