Can I install LabTutor 3 on a Windows 7 computer?

LabTutor 3 was designed for and only supports the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.  LabTutor 3 is no longer supported by ADInstruments as it is an obsolete product.  If you wish to run LabTutor on a computer or computers using Windows 7 operating system or later, please upgrade to the LabTutor 4 Teaching Suite.

To verify that the computer you wish to install the LabTutor 4 Server component on meets minimum requirements, please download and run the LabTutor Server Installation Advisor v1.1.1 on it.  

Below are some useful guides for installing and maintaining LabTutor 4 Teaching Suite of software:
  • LabTutor 4.5 Suite Admin Guide download HERE
  • Getting Started with LabTutor Teaching Suite download HERE
  • LabTutor Best Practice Guide download HERE

If you need further assistance please contact ADInstruments Technical Support.