Can I use Example Data in LabTutor Experiments instead of recording data?

It is possible to do this - the best method is to edit the Experiment in LabAuthor to show the Example Data when starting a new session of the experiment. Otherwise the instructors will have to add the Example Data manually for each Exercise and each Group.
To embed the example data into exercise for students to see when starting experiments, do the following:
  1. Open the experiment in LabAuthor
  2. In each exercise, go to View | Preview in Browser, and select the example data you wish students to use.
  3. Click the 'Ex' button in the tool bar of the data panel.
  4. Save and Upload your custom Experiment to your LabTutor Server.

Important Note: You will still need a PowerLab attached to the LabTutor Client computer in order to Start a new LabTutor Experiment.