Can I use Lt and Lt LabStation on a machine running Windows 7?

We feel strongly about offering our valued customers the best possible support and technical assistance for our products. Lt, LabStation and other ADInstruments education products enjoy 3-tier support across a wide range of operating systems and working environments. Nevertheless, we are still bound by larger influences in the computer and software ecosystem, such as Microsoft's planned end-of-life for Windows 7 support

From January 14th, 2020 Microsoft no longer offers software updates, security updates or technical support for Windows 7 operating systems. In line with this, ADI will no longer be able to offer support for education software products running on Windows 7. For most customers, this is unlikely to have any impact on their enjoyment of Lt or LabStation - especially for those users on more recent and up-to-date operating systems. If you aren't able to upgrade from Windows 7, your products will still continue to work but are more exposed to performance and reliability issues that stem from reduced maintenance of the underlying operating system.

If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly Customer Success Managers are always available and eager to help.