Can I use standard transducers like the Cardio Microphone on Channels 3 or 4 of the PowerLab 26T?

To use the channel 3 and 4 general purpose inputs on a PowerLab 26T, you have 3 options:

A) Plug in a smart transducer, these accessories have a part number that ends in /ST.  These will automatically be recognized by the software and will turn off the corresponding channel on the Bio Amp. MLAC22 DIN to BNC or the MLAC31 DIN to DIN Smart Adaptor may be used if your transducer is not an ST/model.

B) Use a Pod on these channels. Pods are recognized in the same manner as the smart transducers.

C) Front ends may be connected to Channels 3 and 4 either with a BNC to DIN cable or BNC to BNC cable and the appropriate Smart Adapter. Please note the cable must be connected, as will the I2C cable on the back of the unit before the PowerLab is turned on and the software is launched.