Can the LabChart Good Labratory Practice (GLP) server and client software be used with the MPVS-400 Pressure-Volume System?

The LabChart GLP system was originally developed for use with systems running Chart 5. Since the MPVS-400 Pressure-Volume System hardware was based on the 25-series PowerLab, which is supported by Chart 5 and subsequent versions of Chart/LabChart,  the GLP server and client software packages can be used to monitor files created with this piece of hardware.
Please Note: The ADInstruments GLP Client's correct function is dependent on the version number of the LabChart software being used. That is, the first two digits of the GLP Client and LabChart version numbers should be identical (e.g. GLP 6.2 will operate with LabChart 6.2.x, and will not operate properly with LabChart 6.1.x)