Can the LabTutor Server administration pages be accessed remotely?

Yes, when working on other computers within the same local network, an administrator or instructor can access LabTutor Server remotely by typing either of the following addresses into their browser:

  • http://<LabTutorServer computer name>.<domain>/admin/
  • http://<LabTutorServer IP Address>/admin/

However, LabTutor Server cannot be accessed from a computer outside of the local network. Firewall restrictions should prevent this as LabTutor Server is not designed or developed to be secure to Internet traffic. Malicious attacks and password interception are only a few possible outcomes of having a firewall allow LabTutor Server open Internet access. Users would also experience performance issues due to the insufficient network speed, and likely compromise access to other students. LabTutor Server is designed to be installed on a secure Local Area Network (LAN), where the institution has good protection from security intrusions.

An alternative method of linking two remote classrooms may be by using Secure Shell (SSH) tunnels through a fast network such as an optical fibre between campuses, but not over the Internet. Please contact your IT department for assistance with such a configuration.

This information is valid for LabTutor v4.0 or later.